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Our beginners program is designed to expose our young artist to any and all types of creative mediums they are interested in exploring. Giving them the opportunity to meet new like minded children in their same age range who share the same love for Film, Television, Science Fiction, fantasy and of course Monsters.


This program is designed for our more experienced Monster Kids that are serious about pursuing a career and education in the arts.

As part of this program we will offer advanced seminars, product demonstrations as well as our mentorship program featuring professional Artists to help give the participants feedback and advice on new techniques to help improve their work.

Ultimately the goal of this program is to eventually start an internship program with various effects shops as well as a scholarship program in conjunction with participating schools.

Monster Kids Club is free to join and supplies are provided at no additional cost.

These programs are made possible by The Monster Club Art Fund as well as donations from our other generous sponsors.

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