Made with Water Based Paints & Glue

Puppet Kit 

Available July 2020

" WARTS " the FROG

Carefully cut out all pieces. Using a chip brush coat all edges with Contact Adhesive. Coat the Backs of the round warts, the arms and lips. And the top of the inner circle of the Lily Pad marked with a ( G ) as well as all the edges.

Starting with the Lily Pad. Make sure all edges have been Coated with the Contact Adhesive as well as the top of the inner circle marked with a ( G )

Pinch together the edge of the Lily Pad pieces all the way around before putting Lily Pad together. This will round the edge and cause the indented line in the Lily Pad.        Do not pinch the Sleeve part.

Line up Lily Pad peices on a flat surface and press firmly together. Add more Contact Adhesive to edges if not bonding well after pinching edges together. 

Take the Sleeve and connect end to end pressing edges togerher . Once lined up correctly press firmly.

Take Sleeve and squeeze together to match oval shape on Lily Pad. Once lined up press firmly. Then pinch borrom edge of Sleeve to round the foam.

Turn Lily Pad over, now you have the top of the Lilly Pad, Draw a 1/2 inch line around the hole like in photo.  Coat with Contact Adhesive the complete  top and bottom of Lilly Pad. Also Coat outside of Sleeve under Lily Pad. This will seal the foam and then be ready to Paint once dry. 

Make sure not to get any Paint inside the Circle you made with the marker. That needs to remain a glue surface to attach the frog to the pad.

Take the Face and pinch mouth upper and lower to round foam. Then connect the ( V ) Shapes together flat no pinching.

Once you have the Back and Face ready line up the middle line and use the small guide lines to put body together.  Once in line press firmly

When Body is lined up and firmly pressed together,

Coat with Contact Adhesive to seal foam. Once dry Paint with (Night Shades Black Sabbath Foam Paint)

Make sure NOT to Paint the bottom edge of the Body. This needs to remain a glue surface to attach the Body to the Lily Pad.

Once the Paint is Complety Dry turn body inside out. and shape with your hands . Coat front and back of body with Contact Adhesive to seal foam.

Take the upper and lower eyes and connect ( V ) shapes together .  Pinch together the round parts of the foam DO NOT pinch the straight bottom edges of the eyes. This edge will attach to the body.

To make a leg Press A and B sides together and Pinch the edge all the way around.

You can round and shape the leg by pressing glue bumps down towards the foam and pinching the leg.

Once leg is in desired shape add Contact Adhesive down the Curved edge of the inside of the leggs and the bottom front part.

Pinch edge of feet all the way around and shape. Then add glue to back straight edge of foot. Once Contact Adhesive is dry attach foot facing out from bottom of leg.

Take upper eye and squeeze into a half circle and use lines on body to attach and line eyes up evenly.

Press firmly when you are happy with position

Pinch outside round part of lips together and line up upper lip.

Press edge of lip into face, then pinch bottom of upper lip into mouth edge. Repeat same steps for lower lip.

Put body on a flat surface and line up legs on center line and press firmly.

Take lower eye lids and curve them as you attach the flat edge under the upper eye.

Pinch Hands together all the way around. Pinch bottom of the Arms, and attach edge of the Hands to the edge of  the Arms facing out.

Line the Arms up and press edge into the Body.

Make a round Wart by pressing your finger into the center of the glue side as you pinch the edges inward towards the center and shape into a half ball.  Add as many Warts as you want. Coat all the new parts with Contact Adhesive to seal foam.

Now you are ready to Paint with Night Shades Foam Paint. it will take about 3 layers of paint to create a puppet skin. Remember not to get paint on the bottom edge of the Frog Body and the inner edge of the top of the Lily Pad.

           Step by Step Paint Process Coming  Soon!